Can a Hostel make a revolution?

Hostel… or something else

Hi there, First things first, yes we are a hostel and we are, in some way, making a small revolution, but we do not use weapons, or political claims. Nope. We use art instead.

From the beginning our core was working with art and, therefore, with artists, in our big Opening we made a really cool exhibition where all the artists involved in the hostel had their space.

We show our commitment with arts in two different ways. One is our Art Gallery, RA 100 Arroios and the other one is in the hostel rooms, each one of them with a different artist signature:

Since the first day we have being curating many exhibitions, organizing concerts and performances. Even we have made possible that different artist hosted in the same time with us, created a work together. And many of these performances were photographed for different artists too, like Mila Bright. So as you can see, we are really into a New Revolution. A revolution which tries to include everyone and style, in order to help travelers to enjoy not only their holidays, but the idea of opening their minds to new points of view, to new realities and, of course, to great artist (their art works are on sale during their exhibitions).

Artists, artists, artists.

We have worked either with local artist, or foreigns which were working in Lisbon, or asked us for an artist resident in RA Lisboa, because we have our own Artist Residence Program for those who want to come to our amazing Lisbon and have a great experience while working here (if you like further information about it, email us to